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da Vinci® Surgical System

The da Vinci Surgical System enables surgeons to be more precise, and enhancing their capability in performing complex, minimally invasive surgery.

Surgeons using the da Vinci sit at a console where they have a three-dimensional view of their operating field. Below the screen, they work the master controls that guide the robotic arms, which manipulate the instruments and insert a tiny camera that enables them to see inside the patient. The surgical robot is unique because it provides 10x magnification, a three-dimensional view, and instrument arms that provide our surgeons with 7 degrees of freedom, allowing for movements that mimic a human wrist. Although seated at a console a few feet from the patient, the surgeon views an actual image of the surgical field while operating in real-time, through tiny incisions, using miniaturized, wristed instruments. The system replicates the surgeon’s movements in real time. It cannot make decisions on its own to move in any way or perform any type of surgical maneuver without the surgeon’s input.

The da Vinci System was introduced more than ten years ago and has been cleared by the FDA for a wide range of procedures. It has been used successfully in tens of thousands of minimally invasive procedures worldwide. Its safety and efficacy have been documented in hundreds of thousands of clinical publications.

The da Vinci Robot

Watch a surgeon and the remarkable da Vinci robot system fold origami. This impressive technique allows for ultimate control and precise movements.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Benefits:

Less pain and blood loss
Faster recovery, less time in the hospital
Smaller, less noticeable scars
Decreased risk of infection

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