Center for Paralysis and Reconstructive Nerve Surgery

Success Stories

Sebastian’s Story

In 2010, Sebastian Prospero underwent surgery to remove a 4-inch cyst from his spine. As a result, nerve damage occurred and Sebastian developed bilateral foot drop. In April 2013, Dr. Andrew Elkwood performed surgery on Sebastian’s left leg. After a successful procedure, he gradually began a physical therapy regimen that included light stretching and leg lifting. This therapy quickly progressed, and after two months, Sebastian was able to remove his leg braces, work on an elliptical machine and perform leg presses.

Aran’s Story

After suffering a close-range gunshot in his right arm by a 12-gauge shotgun, Aran Harper shattered his humerus and badly damaged his nerves, essentially leaving him with a dead limb. After finding Dr. Elkwood, Aran’s arm has been given the ability to function once again. Aran recalls what Dr. Elkwood said to him, “We will try to do everything we can until there is nothing else we can do.”

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