Managing Your Recovery

We use a variety of methods to help heart failure patients manage their recovery including: telemonitoring calls, clinical visits, multidisciplinary team education, and emergency intravenous diuretic administration.


These are telephone calls made to you by Heart Failure Center staff. We will call weekly, or as needed, to provide close symptom monitoring, dietary, medication compliance tracking, and ongoing education.

Clinical Visits

The nurse practitioners encourage all patients to come to the Center for ongoing visits. Our patients receive clinical heart failure evaluations, taking into consideration psychosocial, economic, and spiritual concerns. The nurse practitioners can order appropriate diagnostic, therapeutic, and pharmacological interventions and consult members of Jersey Shore’s multidisciplinary team for your care.

Multidisciplinary Team Education

Our multidisciplinary team serves our diverse patient needs and is composed of registered dieticians, clinical pharmacists, cardiac rehabilitation staff, advanced practice nurses (in a variety of specialty areas), and doctors. We make sure you know everything needed to be successful in controlling your heart failure symptoms.

Emergency IV Diuretics

Some patients, in addition to heart failure pills, require intravenous medication to control heart failure symptoms. Our Center provides these medications to help maintain your heart health.

Are you a candidate for care at the Heart Failure Center?

Ask your cardiologist for a prescription if you are an appropriate candidate for our services. We work with your referring physician to keep a close eye on your symptoms while providing you with the above services you need to remain as healthy as possible.

For more information, call the outpatient Heart Failure Center at 732-776-4196.

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