Program Structure

The program consists of four components:

  • Telemetry monitoring – constant monitoring of heart rhythm.
  • Medically supervised exercise – designed to help improve the function and condition of your cardiovascular system. The exercise component is comprised of eight patients or less, and includes monitored exercise sessions several days a week for several weeks.
  • Education – including a series of lectures covering the benefits of exercise, nutrition, signs and symptoms to be aware of, cardiac medications, relaxation techniques, and coping with stress. (Spouses or significant others are encouraged to attend these lectures with the patient.)
  • Ongoing support – As an example, our Mended Heart program helps patients recovering from cardiac conditions learn how to cope and gain comfort through shared experiences.

Guides for the Future

Through these services and resources, our program will help you:

  • Reduce risk factors associated with coronary artery disease.
  • Attain and maintain high levels of energy and endurance to improve your quality of life.
  • Focus on healthy meal planning, exercise, stress management, medications, weight loss, smoking cessation, and health maintenance.
  • Adhere to a customized fitness program that will last a lifetime.

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