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About Our Female Reconstructive Surgery and Urogynecology Program

The Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery and Urogynecology Program has been established to diagnose, treat, and educate woman experiencing Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Urinary Incontinence. Our expert physicians, nurses, and physical therapists are available to explain the problem you are experiencing, provide support, and assist you in treatment options. Our program offers you the most comprehensive and advanced diagnostic and treatment options.

All diagnostic tests are performed right at Jersey Shore University Medical Center and are interpreted by physicians who specialize in urogynecology.

Common Female Incontinence Conditions:

  • Urge Incontinence: the inability to hold urine long enough to reach a restroom. This is often made worse by medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension
  • Stress Incontinence: the most common type of incontinence which is characterized by leakage of urine during exercise, coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting heavy objects, or any other body movement that puts pressure on the bladder
  • Functional Incontinence: leakage due to a mental or physical condition that interferes with timely and efficient toileting
  • Overflow Incontinence: leakage that occurs as urine spills from a bladder filled beyond capacity

The Division of Urogynecology at Jersey Shore University Medical Center offers the most comprehensive range of treatment options in the region, including:

Pelvic Muscle Rehabilitation (to improve pelvic muscle tone and prevent leakage), including:

  • Kegel exercises
  • Biofeedback
  • Vaginal weight training
  • Bladder retraining drills
  • Medications

Minimally Invasive Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery, Including:

  • Stress Incontinence: One highly effective treatment is known as the "sling procedure." This procedure is performed in approximately 30 minutes at the Amdur Ambulatory Care Center at Jersey Shore University Medical Center. There are minimal post-operative restrictions, allowing a quick return to work.
  • Urge Incontinence: Sacral neuromodulation is a therapy option involving the use of a FDA-approved device for urgency, frequency and urge incontinence. The first phase of this therapy can be completed right in the office. It is a unique approach and does not require the inconvenience or side effects of drugs.
  • Fecal Incontinence: Interstim® Therapy is an FDA-approved neurostimulation therapy proven to improve or restore bowel control to help you enhance your quality of life. Learn more

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