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Our Multidisciplinary Endocrine Oncology Clinic is designated for patients with complex endocrine problems. Each patient visiting the clinic is provided consulting appointments with our specialists, who perform all necessary imaging studies (ultrasound, CT scan) and discuss results that same day. 

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Treatment Options

Through the collaboration of dedicated endocrine surgeons, endocrinologists, and other specialists, we provide a multi-disciplinary approach for patients with thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal diseases and cancers utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment techniques.

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Thyroid Cancer Patients Support Group meetings are now being held once a month at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, in partnership with ThyCa. Jersey Shore University Medical Center is proud to host the largest Thyroid Cancer Support Group in New Jersey. The group is open to anyone affected by the disease including thyroid cancer patients and survivors, along with their family and friends.

Presented by the Departments of Surgery & Division of Endocrinology at Jersey Shore University Medical Center, in partnership with ThyCa, a national organization for all thyroid cancer patients, survivors and families. Please call 1-800-560-9990 to register.

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From China to the Jersey Shore: Finding the Best Thyroid Solution


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  • Jersey Shore University Medical Center, 1945 Route 33, Neptune, NJ 07753

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