International Patient Services

internationalpatientsJersey Shore University Medical Center welcomes patients from around the world. We understand the difficulties of managing your health care alone, especially in a foreign setting. Our team is committed to providing international patients, and their families, with the best health care experience. At Jersey Shore, our support services begin the moment you contact us and continue throughout your stay.

Medical Coordination

The Center for Treatment of Paralysis and Reconstructive Nerve Surgery is comprised of a dedicated team to assist prospective patients with information regarding visas and necessary documents, insurance, cost estimates and other financial arrangements.

If a particular insurance is unacceptable, the Center will present a comprehensive estimate of charges to provide patients with a better understanding of financial expectations. The Center will also assist patients in researching alternative payment options.

Patients and their families will have direct access and open communication with the Care Center Coordinator, who is a certified physician assistant. The coordinator provides direct patient care, clinical supervision and consistent support to ensure timely access and efficient management of services across the entire continuum of care. Responsibilities include:

  • Serving as a liaison for patients, family, physicians, nurses and other health care providers
  • Coordinating pre-admission activities (diagnostic tests, case scheduling)
  • Providing educational information and resources to patients and potential patients
  • Facilitating patient teaching and support programs for patients and families

Concierge Care

We are committed to accommodating all the needs of our patients and their families, and providing a comfortable, healing environment. Concierge Care is a complimentary service that caters to patient and guest requests – from basic assistance to more customized experiences, including:

  • Travel Arrangements
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Transportation
  • Errand Running
  • Religious Services
  • Banking
  • Information Research

Language Assistance Program

The Language Assistance Program at Jersey Shore provides patients and guests with access to in-person and over the phone interpreters for over 150 languages and dialects. Your interpreter will help you communicate with our physicians and staff and assist you with the translation of medical records and other information.

Please see the forms below for more information on how Jersey Shore can accommodate your next visit.

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Overview (نظرة عامة)

International Patient Services (خدمات المرضى الدوليين)

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International Patient Services (国际病人服务)




International Patient Services


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Overview (Visión de Conjunto)

International Patient Services (Servicios para Pacientes Internacionales)