Better Access For All

Better Access to AllAfter almost three years of construction, visitors to Jersey Shore University Medical Center now encounter additional and ample parking, improved access and a more organized hospital campus.

One of the biggest changes to the campus during the expansion project was altering the hospital’s orientation.The main entrance will no longer face Route 33, but will be at the new atrium lobby on the west side of the hospital.

A new access loop road will connect all the different areas of the hospital and will be clearly marked with new signs so that visitors can easily find their way to the section of the hospital they need.The Brennan Pavilion lobby entrance will remain open, but the main visitor and inpatient entrance will be located at the atrium lobby, which will include a new gift shop and coffee shop for visitors.

Visitors will also have access to the second floor of a new 1,000 car parking garage on site, along with several new parking lots.Visitor and emergency room parking lots will be located on the north-west side of the hospital campus, while parking for outpatients will be located on the east side of the campus.Valet parking will be available at each of these entrances.

Jersey Shore is now laid out in three distinct zones – a patient zone, a diagnostic and treatment zone, and the zone encompassing the ER/trauma and outpatient services.A north-south concourse runs like a spine connecting all three zones.

The patient zone includes the new four-story Northwest Pavilion, which features an additional 108 private beds laid out in nursing neighborhoods.The diagnostic and treatment zone, centered in the new three-story Diagnostic and Treatment Building, includes six new surgical suites, catheterization labs, the pharmacy and imaging services.

Outpatient services will now be grouped together in one zone, rather than being spread out throughout the hospital.When the emergency department moved into its new, expanded space, the old ER was converted into outpatient clinical space.The existing Ambulatory Care Center will also be renovated and expanded.

With the additional parking and the reorganization of the campus, visitors and patients alike should be able to navigate the hospital with ease.