Other Information

Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure
All Robert Wood Johnson students and residents are required to follow the RWJMS policy on Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure (UMDNJ Policy 00-01-40-40:10). RWJMS students follow procedure on the "What to do after potential exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens" card provided for them by the Office of Student Affairs.

For initial prophylaxis and counseling, students and residents at Jersey Shore are required to report Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. to Meridian Occupational Health, 244 Highway 33, Suite A, Neptune, NJ, 732-776-4251. After hours, they may report to the ER at Jersey Shore, 732-776-4203.

Meridian Health has a goal to minimize or eliminate Health Care Workers exposure to Blood Borne Pathogens. This plan focuses on safer work practices, use of Personal Protective Equipment, and engineering and administrative controls. Adhering to this plan ensures compliance with all applicable laws and regulations relating to Blood Borne Pathogen exposure. This plan continues our commitment to providing a safe and healthy environment in which to deliver quality patient care. The Meridian policy for exposure to blood borne pathogens is listed on the Meridian Intranet.

Identification Badges
On the first day of the first rotation at Jersey Shore, instructors will assign students to proceed to Northwest Pavilion, 2nd floor, to procure a Jersey Shore student identification badge. The instructor will have an assigned time for each class, so students should only appear for a badge at the class' scheduled time.

The Jersey Shore badge must be clearly displayed at all times while in a student capacity at Jersey Shore.

In most cases, the badge is used for visual identification only. Students typically do not require access to any sensitive areas.

At the end of the rotation, students must surrender their badge to their instructor who will turn these in to Security. In the event that a student returns to Jersey Shore for a future rotation, Security will reissue the badge.

Information Systems
All students arriving at Jersey Shore for rotations and/or electives are given IT access to the SMS computer system. Students receive a sign-on packet and ID# from their departmental coordinator. In addition to accessing clinical data for patient care, they may take advantage of educational materials placed on the Intranet Dashboard. These include access to the PACS system (students must call 6-3333 to activate PACS), Booker Library, UpToDate, Lexi-Comp Drug Info, and many other resources.

The Medical Center makes available advanced computerized medical records, including Physician Order Entry, for all inpatients.

Meridian is committed to providing an environment that encourages the appropriate use of computers, the Internet, and electronic information. Students must use the same care in the tone and content of email and other electronic documents as they would for any other written communication, recognizing that sending email over the Internet is instantaneous and generally irretrievable. Email communications are not considered private despite any such designation either by the sender or the recipient. Meridian reserves the right to monitor its email systems - including a user mailbox - at its sole discretion in the ordinary course of business.

Booker Health Sciences Library

Paging Instructions
To page someone within the hospital, call 82 then the three digit beeper number followed by the four digit extension you wish the person to call. Note that many of the attending physicians do not have hospital beepers, and you must know their complete beeper number, or use the operator.

Students are requested to car pool with other students, due to the limited number of parking spaces available at Jersey Shore. The drivers are required to park in the Rosa/Booker lot. Parking on residential streets is highly discouraged.

Security Tips to Follow:

  • Always wear your photo identification badge while on Meridian Health premises
  • Report any suspicious people or activity to Security
  • Report any violent behavior, threatening or shouting to Security immediately
  • Contact Security at 64183
  • Off site call "911" or local police department
  • Know location and how to use panic buttons and other security systems
  • Always lock the doors of your car
  • Don't leave personal belongings unattended
  • Request to be escorted by Security if you are leaving after hours or if you are parked in a remote area
  • Do not allow items of value to be visible in your car
  • Be alert to your surroundings
You may contact Doug Campbell, Risk Manager, Jersey Shore, for further questions at dcampbell@meridianhealth.com.