Housing Guidelines for Students & Residents at the Marriott Hotel and at the Days Inn

In an effort to ensure the comfort and safety of students and residents who rotate through the clinical services at Jersey Shore, the Jersey Shore Office of Academic Affairs has arranged for a limited number of subsidized rooms at the Courtyard by Marriott in Wall, NJ, Neptune, NJ. These rooms are for the exclusive use of the following categories of learners:
•  RWJMS 3rd year students on core rotations at Jersey Shore
•  RWJMS 4th year medical students assigned to a sub-internship or a required 4th year rotation at Jersey Shore
•  Non-RWJMS students completing "audition electives" at Jersey Shore

Marriott Hotel

There are a limited number of double rooms available on weekdays. The rooms are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. If no rooms are available at the Marriott at the subsidized rate, students and residents may pay the corporate Marriott Meridian rate out of pocket ($119/night as of June 2011), or find alternate accommodations. The administrative assistants in each department can suggest an alternate motel/hotel.
Weekends are only available with prior authorization from your clerkship director documenting that you are on call.

The Office of Academic Affairs at Jersey Shore receives a list of all students rotating at Jersey Shore on a continuing basis.

The procedure for reserving a room at the Marriott is as follows:
•  All students must agree to share a room if a roommate is available, or they will be charged the unsubsidized student rate ($ 50) for a private room.
•  Students are required to book rooms one week in advance by contacting Patricia Gerand, Medical Student Liaison at pgerand@meridianhealth.com.
Hotel Program Reservation Instructions & Regulations:
•  Students are required to pay $25 per day by credit card only and the room charge balance is billed directly to the hospital. The $25 is tax exempt, but any food, beverages will all be taxed 7% and will be charged to the student who must sign for this charge at the desk. This is required to determine which student in each room the expenditure belongs to.
•  "Significant others" of students will not be accommodated. Any student that is deemed not to be on rotation at Jersey Shore will not be eligible to make a reservation at the student/rate. Upon beginning a rotation at Jersey Shore, all students will be required to sign a document acknowledging that they understand the current housing terms and conditions.

Recreation / Health Club / Exercise Facilities:

•  Retro Fitness, 300 West Sylvania Avenue, Neptune City, NJ 07753, www.retrofitness.net
•  EZE Fitness, 306 West Sylvania Avenue, Neptune, NJ 07753, www.ezefitnessgroup.com
•  Work Out World, Seaview Square Mall, 2345 NJ-66 Ocean Township, NJ 07712, www.workoutworld.com