Institute for Evidence-Based Care

Today, health care organizations are increasingly challenged to take their excellence to the next level. In order to do so, however, the generation and use of new knowledge is of the utmost importance.

To that end, Meridian Health has developed the Institute for Evidence-Based Care, which will assist in the identification of industry, market, and clinical trends that are applicable to strategic initiatives and patient safety. Through the collaboration of all health care disciplines, the Institute will be responsible for coordinating and ensuring the comprehensive, trans-disciplinary knowledge of scientific evidence as it relates to protocol and guideline development. The Institute is considered to be the only evidence-based care center with an interdisciplinary approach to patient-centered care in the nation.  

The vision of evidence-based care at Meridian Health is for the patient to be at the center of care.  In Meridian's Institute for Evidence-Based Care, patients' values, culture preferences, need for comfort, past experiences, health status, and rights all inform the care that they receive and are incorporated into the planning and delivery of care. Evidence-based care provides patients with the opportunity to make choices about that care. This requires that the health care professional acknowledge the patient and family as true partners in the care process and "members of the team" to the extent and level that they wish to participate.